Denver Realty Services offers a suite of services to meet all of our clients’ real estate needs.

As a recognized industry leader, Denver Realty Services team of real estate and financial analyst professionals is able to offer corporate services to our commercial clients for Loan / Foreclosure Work Outs, Acquisition Consulting and Legal Commercial Real Estate Transaction Assistance.

Loan / Foreclosure Work Outs

Our successful track record in aggressively negotiating real estate loan work outs makes Denver Realty Services one of the leading commercial real estate experts. Denver Realty Services experience includes negotiating and settling both performing and non-performing construction loans, land development loans and commercial real estate loans.

Acquisition Consulting

At Denver Realty Services, we utilize our 17 years in the commercial real estate industry to counsel and support both institutional and private investor clients through their commercial real estate acquisitions. Denver Realty Services s experience includes all major asset classes such as multifamily, industrial, retail and office assets. Denver Realty Services unique insights and analysis allow us to provide the following professional services:

    • Financial analysis and valuation
    • Consultation in property assessment and market proformas
    • Successful negotiating expertise
    • Strategic solution development
    • Due diligence for both acquisition and sales
    • Property management

Expert Testimony

With over 17 years of experience in real estate related legal cases, Denver Realty Services is able to provide professional expert testimony and advice in a variety of legal situations involving commercial or residential real estate.
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